Blog For Yourself

February 12, 2009 – 7:45 am

by Darren

The easiest way to stay motivated by blogging is when you do it for yourself. Forget your “audience.” Forget any potential income you might receive for the effort. instead focus on enjoying what you’re posting about and decent results are bound to follow.

When you look at the most popular blogs on the Internet, you quickly realize that most of the bloggers who succeeded didn’t start out with the goals of creating huge audiences or getting rich. Instead they stuck with blogging because it gave them a platform to share their ideas. Sharing your ideas with a potentially huge audience can make you famous and rich, provided your ideas are that special to begin with.

Blogging is work

If you don’t have the passion, you can still succeed. But in that case you have to be very well disciplined. You need to adopt the attitude that blogging is a job, and whether you feel like it or not, you plan on getting up for work that day and putting in the time required to be successful.

Bloggers who are blogging for cash lately have been seeming very deflated. The global recession caught up with blogosphere, and many of the pipe dreams of instant wealth have quickly faded. That’s a good thing for long term bloggers. That means less companies will be around competing in verticals where they’re losing money. Without the investment funds, these companies won’t be able to crowd the blogosphere with content, all the while they lose money.

A leaner, meaner blogosphere is emerging. Never before has there been so much opportunity for motivated individuals to carve their place in their niches. People who bring real passion to their blogging will have no problem finding an audience.

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