Twitter Is A No-Brainer For Bloggers

December 18, 2008 – 3:33 pm

by Darren

Twitter is becoming a more valuable traffic stream everyday. I’m starting to see the potential in Twitter that many others already have. To me, Twitter is an improvement over RSS, and a gateway to the future of communications for blogs.

Twitter has an easy-to-use API, which helps automate many of the routine tasks of using Twitter. With such automated help, it’s easy to stay in touch with your readers. If people sign up to “follow” you on Twitter, they’re the equivalent of readers of RSS, but probably a bit better.

Twitter has a technologically savvy user base. If you’re looking to reach out to people who know their stuff, then by all means join Twitter.

Twitter and Google Friend Connect now join forces

Google Friend Connect is another “killer app” IMHO, and on 12/15 they announced support for your Twitter login. Now if you have a Google Friend Connect-enable website and someone joins with a Twitter account, they can login with their Twitter identity and notify all their followers about your website. It’s not hard to see the viral capabilities of that.

I can envision a world where people use their Google Friend Connect account as “universal login.” They’ll have their choices of millions of blogs that have the service enabled. As they join one site and another, they create viral and organic connections that help move people through the “friendsphere” at a rapid pace. Plus, since they use a unified system for logging in, the credibility of their transactions will increase and so will the ease of communication.

2009 promised to be a banner year for bloggers, as always. With new features coming down the pike and being adapted to the blogosphere, you can expect even more people to consider blogs as trusted brands.

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