A.P. Picks Fight With Bloggers, Backs Down

June 16, 2008 – 4:31 pm

by Darren

It’s getting obvious to just about anyone that old-line newspapers are in their death throes. The A.P., an organization that’s owned by 150 newspapers, has decided to fight back against the erosion of their business model by new media, in a good old fashioned ham-fisted way which indicates their heads are completely up their asses, decided to threaten one blogger at the “Drudge Retort, by having him removed 7 items that contained quotes from A.P. articles.

Of course, the blogosphere got wind of this move and was all it over with negative criticism, prompting the A.P. to effectively say they’ll settle down and think of an alternative. In essence, they don’t want any bloggers even quoting their stories, so the battle promises to be an interesting one. The very basis of the blogosphere has been built on “fair use” and quotes so the A.P. will really have to fight everyone to expect changes.

They said they’ll be issuing “clear standards” about what can be re-quoted, but personally I wouldn’t trust much of what they’re saying. They’ve fired an opening round in a new phase of the war between old media and new, and you can’t put this genie back in the bottle.

What do you think of the war between the A.P. and bloggers?

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