Pounding Away In The Blogging Trenches

June 4, 2008 – 4:21 pm

by Darren

That’s what I’m doing. I’m still pounding away in the trenches of blogging. I’ve never made the A-list, never had a ton of RSS readers, or followers, but I have learned to manage to blog profitably. Currently the efforts of my wife Heather and I are pulling in $2x,xxx. dollars per year, and have been rising steadily. Since we started in March 2006, and didn’t invest any capital in the business, I’d say that blogging for dollars has been the profitable endeavor we thought it would be.

We haven’t followed the examples of too many other bloggers, for the most part. The reason the money is decent and growing is because we have followed a few basic principles, which are:

  1. Establish as many blogs as you need to increase revenue. Understand that this will mean more work and less attention for some, but it helps to create a diversified revenue stream.
  2. Be consistent. With multiple blogs it’s not always easy to stay consistent, but we’ve done okay for the most part
  3. Stay on topic. Focus on tight niches with exploitable keyword resources. If it don’t pay, you can’t stay.
  4. Never give up. Don’t be a quitter Every day other bloggers quit, and you move up by default. Some days other bloggers die, same thing. Be tenacious and you’ll get your turn. :razz:
  5. Stay informed about your subjects. Always read the news, and learn more. You need to be up on your subject to get attention.

In the last few months I’ve been attempting to improve the “quality” of my blogs, to increase their profile online. I don’t have any definitive data on how it’s actually working, but I can’t imagine faster response times and better design could hurt. All in all I’m very bullish about blogging as 2008 continues. The longer my blogs are established, the seemingly easier it gets to make money.

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