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May 22, 2008 – 7:02 am

by Darren

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Buzz Bissinger, Braylon Edwards, and Will Leitch recently appeared on “CostasNow” to talk about sports blogging. Buzz Bissinger came across as a complete numbnuts. Here’s a guy who’s completely threatened by new media and has the audacity to claim that blogs are the cause of the “dumbing down” of America. I hate to tell this arrogant S.O.B. that real “sportswriters” have had more to do with the dumbing down of America than bloggers ever will.

I mean here’s a grown man that has spent his life sniffing jockstraps and waxing eloquent about grown men getting paid to play a child’s game. Personally, I can’t think of a less important task for a person to spend their life at then reporting or commenting on sporting events, but in no way would I go out of my way to attack people who make a living at it. I mean sportswriting is just one more “racket” people use to earn money. Just like blogging.

Bob Costas appears equally clueless. He doesn’t even seem to know the difference between a “blog post” and a “blog comment”. It would take all of five seconds of research for him to get up to speed on the subject. So do it.

Here’s the exchange in its’ entirety.

Oh yeah, too bad Will Leitch, the blogger, looked like such a clueless tool himself. “It’s hard to build an audience,” he screeched, as if his panties were in a bunch. Dude, you have a chance to say something to the world, say it already.

Blogging is a business. It’s also a direct competitor for the same audience Buzz Bissinger was planning on keeping into his seventies. Now that he realizes his job got harder because of bloggers, he lashes out. How predictable.

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