A Strategy For A High CPM Low Traffic Website

May 20, 2008 – 4:05 pm

by Darren

Let’s say you have a website that has high CPM, but low traffic. How bad of a situation is this? IMHO, not too bad at all. It means you’ve found a niche that pays well, but you haven’t gone far enough in developing traffic. It’s much easier to fix a website like this than one that pays low CPM. No matter how hard you work on a website with low CPM, you end up regretting that you can’t get more for your visitors.

If the CPM is high, it means you’ve struck a rich chord. Just keep mining for more traffic. The easiest way to do this is to extend the keywords you rank for. Take a good look at your logfiles and see what people are already coming in on. Building pages around related concepts is all you’ll need to do to increase traffic and keep the CPM about the same.

I wouldn’t necessarily just go for more popular terms, either. Stick with extending the terms that are bringing in the high CPM. If you can slowly move up the traffic, but keep your CPM at a high rate, you’ll end up being rewarded nicely. If you strike a less lucrative traffic vein, it might water down your results a bit.

Once you have found a high paying cluster of keywords, you need to hang onto them like a bulldog on a bone.

Your logfiles are your greatest source of untapped revenue ideas.

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