Google Always Wins

May 12, 2008 – 8:15 am

by Darren

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When it comes to generating revenue, I always come back to Google. Why? They traditionally pay me the best, over time, of any ad program I’ve tried. At this point I’ve tried all of them and have made some conclusions. First, it seems like Google always does just enough to defeat their competitors, and 2) even if an ad program starts off hot, it often cools soon enough.

Google can beat their enemies because they have the most information of anyone online. Hell, Google has the most information of any company in history. They’ve been tracking, collating, and sorting every bit of data about ever website and every visitor on the internet for as long as they’ve been around. That type of dominance explains why they’re always one step ahead of their competitors.

Google is also unafraid to innovate. They continue to make changes to their program which allow webmasters to earn more, and that’s all any of us can ask. Little by little, I’ve converted all of my codes back to Google, and split my monetization into a few simple categories. For contextual ads, Google is alone now.

I will still keep an open-mind and experiment with new companies, but I’m not holding out much hope that they’ll perform that well. I’m tired of looking at slow, clunky loading ads that don’t convert. And so are most surfers. A few small ads that load quickly, pertain to the page content, and are relatively unobtrusive seem to perform best overall on rich content sites.

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