What To Look For In Content Writers

April 17, 2008 – 2:38 pm

by Darren

Content writers are springing up all over the internet. People are more than willing to call themselves pro writers and begin selling their services. But if you come to rely on contract writers, you might just end up getting hooked on something that isn’t good for your overall well-being. I’ve experimented with low-cost content producers, and most of them just don’t cut the mustard.

What are some of the obvious troubles with people who try and sell you content?

1) They might not write well. This is a big problem, forcing you to edit their work. If you have to edit all their work, then frankly, what the hell do you need them for? You could have written the piece yourself if you end up overhauling the whole thing.

2) They don’t meet any deadlines. A lot of people claim they can write all the time, but few will produce. If you’re trying to run a business that requires constant content, this will quickly become an issue.

3) They will overcharge you. Many of the decent writers want top dollar. I understand why, but it could be too much for profits.

Of course these rules apply to any service you order, but content is a bit different. Even if someone starts out like gangbusters, it’s no guarantee they will produce for long.

What other tips can you think of when it comes to hiring content writers?

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