WordPress 2.5 Initial Observations

April 2, 2008 – 3:46 pm

by Darren

The people at WordPress were very excited about the 2.5 version of their popular blogging software, and it’s not hard to understand why. To me, this is an excellent upgrade, because it focuses on area that actually needed improvement. The interface for administration has been tidied up so that the system runs faster, and has better workflow. I noticed that I was able to complete my work faster using WordPress 2.5, so that is delightful.

I still don’t care for the Visual HTML view, but all in all I’d say the core features of WordPress 2.5 and the ease of use make up for any perceived shortcomings. I appreciate the fact they notify us now of every new update, and it makes it very easy to keep things up to speed.

If all open source software was as good as WordPress, the world would be a better place, indeed.

What are your observations about WordPress 2.5?

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