There Are Millions Of Content Producers On The Web

January 25, 2008 – 7:40 am

by Darren

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Everyone and their uncle is a content producer these days. I’m doing it, you’re doing it. You could say we’ve had an explosion in the number of content producers out there. So how can all of these people think they have a legitimate shot at being read? Because for all of the content producers, there are even more content consumers.

Quality differentiates the premium providers from the rest

It’s no different than in the offline world, when all is said and done. People tend to judge online content in the same manner they would any other. Is it well written? Does it contain the facts I need? Are their sufficient references or is the author an expert? Even though there are some differences in online content, such as speed of production being extremely important, there are enough similarities that we can learn a lot from traditional magazines and newspapers.

The endless “social websites” that offer tools for people to publish content assure even more competition than ever before for bloggers. But, again, most “user generated” content is about as insightful as random spew from strangers ought to be. If you maintain a cohesive blog, that is both wide and deep in its’ content, a half-maintained Blogspot won’t be able to compete with you.

I see even more people publishing content in the near future, because to do so is fun and profitable. If we want to stay ahead of them, we’ll have to keep advancing our game.

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