Your Needs Versus The Reader’s Needs

January 23, 2008 – 4:44 pm

by Darren

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I’ve been giving some thought to a basic struggle for any professional blogger. You have to weigh your very real needs of income with the very real needs of your visitors. If you can strike a balance, you have a blog that can earn money and keep coming back for more. That’s really the ideal for anyone. Any how can we find the perfect balance between our needs and our reader’s needs? We have to tweak, experiment, and measure our results.

Almost everything about blogging can be quantified easily

Using a handy traffic analysis program like Google Analytics, it’s possible to determine exactly what “goals” you have for your website. Once you set your goals, it’s easy to determine if tweaks or changes you’re making to your blog are having the effect you want. If you want more people to sign up for a newsletter, or RSS, or make comments, all of the goals can be quantified.

There’s no need to fly blind and guess. Make your changes, then observe what actually happens. I know it sounds easy, and that’s mainly because it is. I’ve been making these types of changes this week. I haven’t had enough time or data to see what happens, but I’m holding out hope that I can improve in core ways that I need to in order to expand my blogging business.

Thankfully, all the tools I need to track everything have already been provided for me.

I’ll update as soon as I find out some solid information of what techniques work to help me achieve my goals.

Do you keep your needs or the reader’s needs first in your mind?

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