Are You Blogging The Right Way? 7 Principles That Should Help

December 6, 2007 – 3:07 pm

by Darren

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There is no exact “right way” to blog, but certain practices tend to make people more money than others. If you follow the basic principles that work for most, they probably will have the same effect when you give them a shot. Let’s take a look at some principles worth trying when it comes to building a successful blog.

Blogging doesn’t have laws, but certain principles can be helpful

1) Blogs grow from updates to the archive, so you have to post frequently. The easiest way to ensure your blog keeps growing is by making it bigger all the time. When your archive is big enough, your website is a valuable resource that “speaks for itself”. People flock to such sites.

2) Always experiment with traffic and website monetization. Blogging is a business, not a charity, so adopt the mindset of earning from the very beginning.

3) Treat your blog like a business at all time. And don’t forget, businesses have to grow in order to exist. Anything you can do to make your blog business grow is a must.

4) Dedicate enough time to your task to succeed. You won’t be able to “take over” a niche with a blog if you aren’t the best. So don’t underestimate how much time professional blogging really takes. Your investment will be primarily in time, but the toll might be heavier than you guessed.

5) Continue to learn about blogging. Blogging isn’t a static sphere where you learn all the knowledge Day One. You still need to learn as you continue in the trade. The more you know, the further you go, of course.

6) Ignore criticism and be upbeat. Don’t focus on negativity. It exists online in large quantities that can quickly undermine your mood. Ignore the naysayers and prove them wrong by making your blog pay.

7) Be patient. No blogging business can be built overnight, and the scale of your operation increases along with your skills. The more craftsmanship you can put into your blogging business, the better.

Blogging is whatever make out of it. It can be a nightmare, or a dream come true, depending on your viewpoint and your approach. Following these time-tested principles might just help you avoid sleepless nights.

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    1. 3 Responses to “Are You Blogging The Right Way? 7 Principles That Should Help”

    2. Thank you for the pointers. I’m just getting started and your advice is most helpful.

      By carrie on Dec 7, 2007

    3. Thanks Carrie, I’m glad you liked it.

      If you have any specific topics you’re interested in finding out about, let me know. It would give me and idea what to write about.

      By Darren on Dec 7, 2007

    4. Nice list. Mostly for its words of encouragement and confirmatin I’m on the right path.

      By HeMan on Dec 16, 2007

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