Even A Small Blog Can Make Money

November 27, 2007 – 5:52 pm

by Darren

If you have a blog on any decent subject, you should be able to make a decent profit with a blog. This is true even if your blog isn’t the best one its’ class. I have a few blogs that are nothing special and haven’t been worked on that much, but still earn over $100/monthly. The key is to maximize your revenue streams, and update the blog at least 20 times per month.

If you don’t update, your blog goes dead. At some point, you won’t be able to pick it up and dust it off, either. Your best bet is to continue to work with the blog, and spend more time thinking of ways to develop traffic cheaply. It will either be search engine traffic, or mostly social, so your strategy will depend on your goals. But every blog can 1) get more traffic and 2) make more money with enough effort.

Google, in particular, has come up with more ways to make money than they ever had, and in-line advertising is always worth the effort. There are 4 or 5 legitimate ways to monetize your blog going right now, so it’s never been easier.

And don’t stop when one program works, just keep going. It won’t hurt you to get greedy, because that’s the only way you’ll experiment.

In the end, even a semi-active blog is a valuable property that earns revenue and goes up in value.

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  2. $100 per small blog sounds pretty good actually, as I have *many* that are barely doing anything. But, you are right of course, that blogs definitely go dead. The only bright side is that there are a gajillion readers out there and it’s easy to revive a blog, albeit slowly, and start anew.

    Right now I’ve got about 10 blogs earning $20 or less and my posting is quite infrequent, but as long as there is continued sponsors - I continue to post once in a while .. even if it’s once a week with several posts at once. The dream is that these 10 somehow grow into $100 each and so on and so on and become part of the other ones that are making money (and warrant more effort = time)

    By HART (1-800-HART) on Nov 27, 2007

  3. Hart, good to see you.

    You have the right idea. The gap from $20 to $100 is largely mental, I guess. And so is the one from $100 to $1,000 and so on.

    But the main thing that would make you go from 20 to 100 is a large archive which means more time spent by you and more posting.

    It always comes back to more posts, in the end, I feel.

    By Darren on Nov 27, 2007

  4. yah really,for me i less care about earning money for my blog all i want is to know how to post a blog here coz its my first time,its okay if i earn less its my first step anyway.

    By mayflower on Apr 10, 2008

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