WidgetBucks Review

October 26, 2007 – 3:03 pm

by Darren

WidgetBucks is a new way to monetize websites, which is primarily geared towards bloggers. As usual, people tend to get pretty excited when all they have to do is throw another JavaScript code in their sidebar. But I think the appeal of WidgetBucks will probably be pretty limited. This WidgetBucks Review takes a look at the good and the bad about the program.

widgetbucks review

WidgetBucks is basically exclusively geared towards product websites. I would be highly suspicious that any “informational” style website could profit from including the code. That said, if you have a product oriented website, it’s definitely worth a look.


* The ads are animated. At least the ads are willing to pimp themselves out and draw attention. That could help gain a decent CTR.

* Signup is extremely easy and you appear to be automatically approved. You can have code up and running on your website in a matter of minutes.

* The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

* Stats appear to be live-time. So need sitting around wondering if you’ve made any money yet.

* WidgetBucks will run alongside Google Adsense, so it’s a form of extra income.


* The ads are bit garish and overwhelming. These are definitely not the most attractive ads, and they don’t really tend to blend in.

* Ad loading is slow. In fact, some ads slower than molasses in January.

* Categories are limited. You might not find anything that will fit your website.

* The whole concept is new, so there’s not much historical evidence of how things work out.

I’m testing these ads in several spots on my network and haven’t come up with any numbers yet. All in all, I see some definite promise here, but will need to experiment more to see the true potential.

To see if you like it, make sure to sign up and find out for yourself.

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