Perception Is Reality

October 23, 2007 – 2:32 pm

by Darren

As I scoured the internet for news today, I read this phrase twice: “perception is reality.” It was mentioned in two distinctly different posts, so it really caught my eye. If you think about the modern internet, the phrase really couldn’t be more appropriate. Look at the success of Google, Inc. in a few short years. The perception was that they led the internet, and that perception has crystallized into reality.

In a sense, the perception of bloggers has been steadily gaining ground for years, and with it, so has the reality that bloggers now command more respect than they used to. And as time goes on, both the perception and the reality will probably increase.

When I post a bit today, I’m going to give this idea some thought. If perception is reality, then it’s important to think about how our work is perceived by the public. Because that will determine the eventual reality of our success or failure.

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