Local Blogging Has A Few Advantages

October 16, 2007 – 10:50 am

by Darren

Here’s an idea for anyone who is struggling when it comes to blog monetization. Take a look into going local. Local search is very hot, and the segment won’t be slowing down much anytime soon. Local blogs make sense, because they appeal to a very defined niche which appeals to a very targeted group of advertisers.

Local is hot, hot, hot!

Other advantages to doing a local blog is that you 1) probably won’t have that much competition and 2) you are at least a marginal “expert” because you live there. If you’re close to a major city, it becomes a no-brainer. Just focus on a niche within a niche to find the sweet spot. You know why local traffic is so great? Because you can get these types of advertisers: local retail, real estate, lawyers, dentists, etc.

With a marginal effort you’d be surprised at how easy it is to create an impressive revenue stream. This is because advertisers in your local area need to find places online to spend their money! You’ll have no shortage of such sponsors, even if your blog is not the best one out there.

So if you haven’t looked into this idea yet, I suggest you get on it! There are tons of articles you can post right there in your own backyard.

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