For Bloggers - Dedication Is Key

October 9, 2007 – 3:13 pm

by Darren

I realize the theme of my posts has been basic lately. And you know why that is? Because blogging is basic. This is not some advanced geometric calculation you’re attempting when you sit down at your computer terminal. No. Blogging is something much more basic, like cooking. You don’t have to attend advanced seminars to learn the requisite skills to earn money blogging. If you have a pulse, you already possess these skills in abundance. So fear not, for I am about to reveal the one and only secret to blogging.

Showing up is half the battle

You can’t get better as a blogger without blogging. This sentence is actually universal, and you can replace blogger with almost anything and the result would remain the same. All human tasks require dedication, and the people who excel in their field invariably have invested great amounts of effort and time into perfecting their blog by the time they succeed. They had to show up in order to win. As do you.

Stay dedicated no matter what

So no matter what else you do in order to become successful as a blogger, make sure you’re dedicated to the task. You can’t win the blogging game in day, or months. You will need to hunker down and do the job at your highest level day in and day out for years before most people will even consider you. So set yourself to the task and work on improving your skills. Oh, and raising your revenues.

As you get better, build a deeper archive, and keep working, your revenue starts to generate at a much more acceptable rate than in the beginning. At this point, more than ever, you need to stay diligent to the task and not veer off the course. Dedication is the one factor that will make even a moderately talented blogger successful in the end. Online advertising continues to grow, and blogs are a place where advertisers love to see their ads.

I’m sticking with blogging, because it’s a habit now and I’m earning decent money. How about you? Do you see continuing as a blogger?

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