Blogging - Getting Rich Slowly

October 8, 2007 – 9:30 am

by Darren

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Can you get rich from blogging? I think so. I think the field is unique for one reason: you can earn a huge return on your investment. Every other business you can think of off the top of your head requires massive infusions of capital to get a return. With blogging your major investment is your time. If the types of returns and increases I’m seeing hold steady over time, the income will be enormous at some point.

Doubling your money is the key to getting rich

It’s really that simple. If you can double your money every year from blogging, you can clearly have an enormous income in no time flat. Say you make $5,000 year one blogging. It’s $10,000 in year two. $20,000 in year three. $40,000 in year four, and then things get very good. You’ll double to $80,000 in the fifth year. $160,000 per year by year six. And so on and so on. By the ninth year your blog will be earning your over one million per year. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

Here’s the best part: a 72% annual increase in blogging revenue will be enough to double your money according to the rule of 72 calculations. That means a relatively meager 6% monthly increase, done consistently over time is what you should be shooting for.

A 6% monthly revenue increase is definitely possible. If you can do it enough times in a row, you will be filthy stinking rich from your blogging!

Is your revenue rising?

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