Increasing Blog Revenue On A Schedule

October 3, 2007 – 10:54 am

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In the last few day I’ve decided on what my real job as a blogger actually is. Sure, part of my job is to communicate with people by making blog posts. Part of my job is to to be a webmaster. But more than anything else it’s my job to raise revenues. Otherwise there is very little point to running a commercial blog. Now if you’re a hobby blogger, obviously, you don’t need to raise revenue, but if you’re one of the many paid bloggers out there, your job essentially boils down to earning more revenue.

Revenues can be raised based on increasing your archive size

I now have enough proof of this statement to make it boldly. I took one of my blog’s archive from 600 posts to 770 posts in two months, and here’s what happened. Revenue went from $176.89 to $299.01 in monthly Adsense revenue in one month as the page views went from 418 to 577 daily.

So let’s look at the following data points:

The total archive increased 28% in two months time. During that time the revenue for the website had a 69% increase as page views increased by 38%. All in all, very positive numbers. Now I’m wondering if such pay increases can be calculate before hand, based on what percentage increase you plan on making to your archive.

I guess this theory will be easy enough to test next month.

I’ll project 120 posts for the month. That will increase the archive size from 770 to 890. This is a 15.5% increase. I’ll note the increase in revenue, if any.

Hopefully I’ll find that revenues can be predictably increased based on additions to archive. If that’s true, it will make blogging for dollars that much easier.

Have you seen any such correlation in your blogging efforts?

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