Multiple Blogs Require A Posting Schedule

September 24, 2007 – 4:38 pm

by Darren

The more blogs you manage, the more complexity you can expect in your job. But one basic lesson of blogging that can never be ignored is to post often. Without a sizable archive, you can forget making decent money from a blog network. So, in the end, the key is to make sure your blogs get update regularly, whether it’s by you or by a blogger per hire.

Setting a posting schedule for your blog is relatively easy

The main thing you need to is to determine the frequency you need to post at. For a small blog on a slow moving subject you can probably get away with 20 posts per month. With a fast-moving subject and a big blog, you may end up setting up a schedule of 10 posts per day. You can always adjust the schedule, but at first you need to set one, just to make sure you don’t post too infrequently. With no schedule in mind, this is very easy to do.

Consider your posting schedule to be your basic outline

If you get all of you posts done easily, you can extend your ambition and upgrade your posting schedule. But, as always, you need to be true to the needs of the blog. Certain blogs can’t support endless posts, no matter what. They just aren’t covering topics with enough depth or breadth. So, knowing that you can easily post your posting schedule, and realizing that you have plenty of time left over, you can always start a new blog, and pump that into your daily routine. The main thing is that you work from some sort of plan. If the plan needs upgrading, then simply upgrade it, but stick to the basics of adding posts.

I have noticed that as archives get past a certain point, traffic tends to go up. I haven’t found an exact cause and effect relationship, but suffice it to say, the more posts the merrier. I’ve been winging it for a long time, but without a regular schedule, I’ve been falling short of what needs to be done in certain areas. Now I plan on changing that with inflexible adherence to a brand new posting schedule!

Do you follow such a schedule or do you just wing it?

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    1. 9 Responses to “Multiple Blogs Require A Posting Schedule”

    2. I print blank calendars from iCal and use them to plan out my blogging schedule. I write one post a day, and loosely have a theme for each day. (For example, on Thursdays I share a motivational quotation, and on Fridays, I feature an outside resource.) I have a few more blogs to launch in the near future and with the exception of those that are sporadic in nature (such as the chronicle of my lifelong goal of drinking a Guinness in every country in the world), a schedule seems absolutely critical.

      By Marina @ Sufficient Thrust on Sep 24, 2007

    3. Thanks for the comment, Marina.

      I agree that the schedule is critical. The amount of success most blogs have directly corresponds with the amount of posts in the archive. If you stay posting regularly, half the battle is won.

      By Darren on Sep 25, 2007

    4. Hi Darren.

      With my recent blog I’ve been trying to follow a schedule of 10 posts and 10 comments everyday. Regarding comments I’m not sure (It’s just today I’ve started maintaining a spreadsheet for that) but for the past week I’ve been sticking to 10 posts everyday. The search engine traffic isn’t there but my blog started appearing on Google within 5 days of starting it.

      By Amrit Hallan - HowToPlaza on Sep 25, 2007

    5. Amrit, nice to hear from you.

      10 posts is a very ambitious schedule. That’s one that will definitely get you noticed by the search engines, especially Google. Google is adding fresh content very quickly these days so you can expect a lot of traffic from them.

      By Darren on Sep 25, 2007

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