Blogging For Dollars

September 5, 2007 – 9:36 am

by Darren

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One area you can’t overlook when you attempt to blog for dollars is keyword selection. In the final analysis, your earning potential is only as good as the keyword category you’re in. Blogging about Forex Trading tends to be much more rewarding financially than choosing “MySpace” keywords. The main reason is that advertiser are willing to spend more money if they think they can get a higher return. The more they advertise pays, the easier for your blogging for dollars effort.

Ways to choose good keywords

You can research keywords for a niche using this keyword tool. The numbers aren’t accurate by any means, but at least you can see which ones get some volume and which ones get none. If the keyword you’re targetting has no volume, you’re bound to lose.

Great keywords possess these features:

  • Reasonable amount of competition
  • Lots of advertiser interest
  • Decent volume of searches

If you can combine all of these features, you’re bound to earn more than 90% of the bloggers out there.

Balancing between the needs of your readers and the needs of search engines

You have to use common sense when it comes to making posts using keywords. You can’t overdo it, without looking spammy and turning off human readers. You have to be slick, man. You don’t want anyone to know you’re just blatantly looking to rank, so just ease in your keywords using a smooth title and some deft on-page optimization. But you can’t just pretend that the search engines don’t matter, otherwise you’ll be very lonely waiting for readers to just “show up”.

A balance between natural news driven posts, how-to material, and keyword oriented pages seems to do the trick.

How much attention do you pay to keywords when you blog?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Blogging For Dollars”

    2. Good point about balancing the needs of search engines and readers.

      I’ve read a lot about SEO recently, and it seems that many people are
      trying to write too much for search engines rather than people. The search engines are getting more and more subtle and fine-tuned in their ability to reward good writing anyway. So I think the best policy is just to keep SEO in the back of your mind and write as clearly as possible.

      By Matt on Sep 29, 2007

    3. Definitely Matt.

      The search engines have become more sophisticated as time has passed. The easiest way to act natural is by being natural.

      By Darren on Oct 1, 2007

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