Google Text Ads Versus Image Ads

August 16, 2007 – 7:13 pm

by Darren

More experimentation here at Blogging Monetization Headquarters. This one was the easiest of all. I had been running a combination of text and images ads for quite some time on all of my blogs and decided to see if there was a difference between the revenue derived from text ads and image ads.

I turned off the image ads on all the sites. After 48 hours things looked very good. There was a slight increase in CTR and a slight increase in CPM. My small black heart danced in anticipation of the extra money I’d soon have my hands on.

Then, nearly as quickly as it came, the increase went. I thought I was onto something here. I figured the image ads would probably garner less attention because they’re quite similar to “banners” from the old days. Alas, I was mistaken. After the initial two days, the novelty must have worn off for the “clickers”…err I mean my visitors. By day 3 I was down around 15% on both CTR and CPM versus traditional norms.

I assume the initial increase was because of tweaking the ads anyway. It seems almost any adjustment you make will result in a quick increase. Then, once euphoria wears off, the truth tends to emerge.

I’m back to text and image ads again.

Hope this helps.

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