What Should Work Versus What Does Work In Blogging

August 13, 2007 – 2:06 pm

by Darren

Anytime you see a list of all the criteria that make up a blog the list makes complete rational sense. All of the factors are logical and certainly must assure your ultimate success. But the funny thing is, when you go out in the “real world” and look around at successful blogs, you will see that many of the rules have been consistently ignored, if they were ever even known in the first place!

You know exactly what I’m getting at here. You see some of the heroes of the blogosphere, take a good look at their work, and you wonder how the hell they’ve been getting by, all the while ignoring all the rules that should be important to their success. Then it dawns on you, like a cold slap to the forehead with a heavy mallet, they’re where they are because they were there first! As long as they maintain their position from having been around for awhile, they can breathe in the rare air of the elitist. But if you were to expect them to start today, from scratch, in a much more competitive environment, could they survive?

Who knows and who cares is the only answer to that question. The point is, you can’t get away with it because you’re not in the elite. At least not yet. And even if you do become an elite blogger, you’ll be better off having honed your skills with maximum precision so you can continue to dominate your niche for years to come. So when you look around at all the bloggers out there and try and decide if any of their tactics apply to you, pick the ideas that really resonate with you and allow you to build a better toolset for your own development. Don’t just blindly imitate a tactic that might not be right for you.

Do you follow the rules of blogging or do you break them and create your own?

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