341 Posts - 101,000 Comment Spams

August 7, 2007 – 7:11 am

by Darren

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Do you think comment spam is an ongoing issue? I do.

Tell me that doesn’t just border on anti-social and pathological!

How bad is your spam problem?

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    1. 4 Responses to “341 Posts - 101,000 Comment Spams”

    2. On my main blog there are 1008 posts, 11,344 comment spam, which is a lot, but not so bad as yours. On a couple of blogs in our network however we’ve had days where there has been over 7,000 caught in a single day!

      By Gary on Aug 9, 2007

    3. On my pet blog, I’ve got about 64000 spam comments caught by Spam Karma2 and about 53000 spam comments caught by Akismet. I’m not sure if that overlaps any.. (I don’t think so) - that’s on about 2800 posts.

      I think the spam blockers are doing their jobs pretty well. Although, when you get the odd spam comments that goes through un-caught .. it’s annoying because a lot of the times .. people are subscribed to the comments and receive the spam message.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Aug 9, 2007

    4. Just out of curiousity .. are you guys on a paid service? or, …?

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Aug 9, 2007

    5. No, just the free Akismet Hart. These numbers are quite remarkable, in a sense. What I’m noticing more and more lately is people are trying to do more “hand-spam”. They’ll stop at nothing to get a link I guess :)

      By Darren McLaughlin on Aug 10, 2007

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