Blogging Monetization - The Truth As I See It

August 2, 2007 – 7:43 am

by Darren

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Monetizing your blogs has been a particularly hot topic for a few years now, but not too much new ground is being broken, as far as I’m concerned. And the days of passive “set it and forget” it plans seems to be over. Now you have to work at your monetization efforts every day. The Google Adsense used to be some really easy money as far as I was concerned, and this developed in me a “sit back and relax” type of attitude. No more! Adsense is still a viable monetization program, but it’s hardly the Earth-shattering system it once was.

The same goes for Text Link Ads. After running up some sales for the first three or four months, the program has basically flat-lined for the summer. That’s the bad news. The good news is it’s pretty damn easy to broker your own text link sales. Using email and ICQ you can make some fast deals, especially if you have inventory in competitive categories.

I’ve also set up a Webmaster Marketplace to Buy and Sell at my Webmaster Forums. We’re using the iTrader system there, which should help establish legitimacy. You are cordially invited to join the forum, and place any ads for Banner of text link advertising you may have.

Between several forums I managed to move some inventory pretty quickly. I’m also finding out that just offering more Ad options for sale is increasing interest rapidly. The “put up a Javascript code” idea is a bit faster, sure, but the money is better when you use a combination of methods.

Look for more posts about some other ideas I’ve implemented to raise revenues. One thing I can tell you about websites, you can almost always squeeze another nickel out of them in the long run.

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    1. 3 Responses to “Blogging Monetization - The Truth As I See It”

    2. Darren, you sure are one website money squeezer :)

      Being pretty new to the Google Adsense thing (just over a year), the sites I see that are really making a better than decent amount of advertising income are those that (1) can write pretty darn well (2) gets user generated content.

      Unfortunately, mine’s neither :P

      By Kian Ann on Aug 2, 2007

    3. You are completely right Darren, blogging has become an essential tool for Internet Marketing as search engines give tblog pages a lot of importance due to their informative and user generated nature.

      Internet Marketers must therefore position their marketing within the lifestyle of users in order to convert them into consumers.

      Interactivity and links in blog also generate a lot of interest as I believe interactivity increase rentention of any given message

      By Eloi Casali on Aug 9, 2007

    4. LOL, no way. You are a very good writer, especially compared to what’s out there!

      By Darren McLaughlin on Aug 10, 2007

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