Screw The Summer - I Need Money

July 23, 2007 – 5:30 pm

by Darren

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Now, I’m a big fan of the Summer and I have the tan to prove it. But I have to tell you, I’m not loving the deadish traffic I’ve been seeing since June, and I would love for people to get back on track and kick their web surfing up a few notches.

This year has seen a ton of changes for webmasters and I wonder just how optimistic the environment is. Even last year there was nearly constant excited talk about people founding more and more websites and doing more online advertising. But I’m not getting that feeling as much now.

Consumer prices are up. Gas is expensive. And the Summer is a lull of sorts, for almost every keyword category. Right now, it’s almost easy to forget how much easier it is when weather is bad for most of the population.

So, as much as I like Summer time, I have to say: end already dammit! I need to make my money online and I hate waiting. Bring back the college kids and lets see some of these numbers go up.

What kind of Summer are you having?

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