Writing Blog Posts With An Edge

July 20, 2007 – 6:18 pm

by Darren

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It’s getting tougher to get blog posts noticed every day as the field keeps getting more crowded. Lately, I’ve been finding myself making my posts edgier, and injecting strong view points in them, when normally I wouldn’t. I find that people get much more involved when they can take a side, especially if its the side opposite of your own.

Even sucky ass blogs like Dooce can gain a readership when controversy rears its head

Even unmerited blogging success can’t make this woman smile.

I was never that big of a fan of controversy, based on running a business for so many years, but I’m starting to realize that controversy is one of the quickest ways to get noticed online. Certainly many bloggers such as Dooce couldn’t have dreamed of success with a blog as tame as hers. Fortunately for her, she lost her job because of blogging and sued, which helped her gain tons of readers. If not for that lucky break, do you really think many people would read her whining “mommy blog” where she talks about her lazy-ass husband and her bratty child? I think not. I mean I imagine most people react like I do when they read one of her posts. That reaction is a sudden balling of my fist sub-conciously as I think of smashing my monitor with a baseball bat and never reading the internet again.

Imagine the career of the Idiot Calacanis if he didn’t ruffle everyone’s feather

Can you imagine what would have happened to Calacanis if he hadn’t used controversy at every turn to “stir the pot.” Certainly he would never have been able to get funding for his blogs or venture capital for any of his insane ideas. Without controversy, he’d be flipping burgers and serving fries instead of being considered some sort of voice of the new media.

Jason Calacanis logs into Adult Friend Finder. Drats, no new messages again.

If John Chow didn’t cheat, he just wouldn’t be John Chow

John Chow isn’t always controversial. Sometimes he just cheats and then when he’s caught, the controversy catches up to him. Imagine John Chow following the rules and having an audience while writing his mono-syllabic posts in pigeon-English? You think he’d still be a hit with the ladies or be able to drive that fancy auto he has in his blog’s header without pissing some people off? I doubt it.

Ha ha ha…..I cheat, therefore I am.

Hell, even with 21,000+ Agloco referrals this guy would still be hard-pressed to get laid at a hooker convention with hundred dollar bills taped to his forehead. But I digress.

It’s time to unleash the fury, my small but loyal group of readers. We’ve remained silent long enough.

Your assignment is to get out there and piss some people off. It’s time to slay the sacred cows of the blogosphere once and for all and to erect new icons in our own images

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    2. Hmm…the acerbic tone of this post makes me think that you yourself are trying to stir up a controversy ;-).

      But yes, that Dooce blog sucks. Such blogs, and of course Paris Hilton, sometime make you believe that it’s not just hard work that makes you successful; you have to do certain “things” to get noticed, or gain notoriety.

      By Amrit Hallan - Content Blog on Jul 21, 2007

    3. It didn’t work :)

      By Darren on Jul 24, 2007

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