Websites - Many Dreams Die

July 18, 2007 – 9:03 am

by Darren

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One unpleasant task of running websites is dealing with broken links. We all link to websites one day, with the thought that the page or domain we link to will probably be there. But, in reality, many website dies. I’ve been doing maintenance for the last few weeks on my network and it’s truly amazing how many dead links I’ve found. I guess I had assumed that most people were “pros” and would keep their domains running, but I’ve made the wrong assumption.

One of the main reasons you need to clean out the links is because there’s a whole cottage industry of people out there who purchase your expired domains, and then put useless content on them to capitalize. It appears tons of “domainers” are in on the game and grabbing a hold of just about any website that may make them a penny. It’s also possible that your website could be downgraded in the search engines if you appear to be linking to poor sources.

What are some of the reasons a website or page might disappear:

  • The owner dies
  • The business model dies
  • Partners break up
  • Interests change

The list is literally endless, with as many reasons as there are people. So far I’ve been doing most of the work by hand, but that goes against the grain at this point, so I’m looking into crafting an automated solution. I’m finding about 10% links dead at this point.

Have you tried doing maintenance on your outgoing links lately? What did you find?

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    1. 2 Responses to “Websites - Many Dreams Die”

    2. I found exactly that on my music site. It was filled with links and songs but, then I moved it from a Canadian server to a USA server, and had to remove lots of links due to DMCA issues. Then, I moved towards YouTube and other sources .. but, then Google bought YouTube and deleted about 65% of their database and mine too! (or whatever amount that was). It’s been idle since. I tried to resurrect it but, it’s too time consuming with about 250 posts. What I did was just export everything to an xml file, create a new blog, and import it again. It’s easy to keep track, as it imports everything to “uncategorized”. So, I just have to edit the 150 or so left and reclassify the good links back to proper categories. I’ve had nothing but problems in the past for this site. I built it up to a PR6 and then suddenly, it turned into a PR2 and all the advertising stopped.

      So, you can say that I’m one of those sites whose dream died - a few times. My next resurrection will just be putzking around on some music instruments for fun.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jul 19, 2007

    3. Damn, Hart.

      That is a depressing tale, my man!

      By Darren McLaughlin on Jul 20, 2007

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