Results Of Some Blog Monetization Efforts

July 10, 2007 – 1:01 pm

by Darren

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Here are the results of some blog monetization efforts I’ve attempted lately. I tried a number of different programs and a combination of a few of them. Here are some tentative conclusions.

* At some point attempting to integrate too many revenue streams is ineffective. The thought is simple: if I sell ads, surely more ad units per page is better. Since Google Adsense lightened up on policies in January of this year, it’s possible to add a number of alternative programs that can co-exist nicely with them. But, you run into a few simple drawbacks quick:

  • Just because you offer more ads, it doesn’t mean you have more visitors or that your visitors are interested in the ads you’ve chosen
  • The ads compete with each other, and if people click on one, they probably won’t click on the others

In the end, I saw my Google Adsense income drop when people clicked on the other ads, without an increase in overall income. In a sense, I’ve given up too much on the idea of diversification, which I once held sacred. Since you’re still relying on a website for your revenues, there’s only so much diversification that can be expected anyways.

That said, I still have managed to make some decent money from Text Link Ads, which hasn’t interfered with anything else. But messing around with Kontera, Amazon, and others didn’t hold the same value. Undoubtedly, your niche will determine if this is true. If your website covers product reviews, then you might have a better chance with some of these. But I have to admit it, Google has maintained their uncanny ability to pay better than everyone else, which has kept me with them since 2003.

What success are you having with varying revenue streams right now?

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    1. 4 Responses to “Results Of Some Blog Monetization Efforts”

    2. One of the best (and probably most underused) feature from Adsense is Multiple Channels. First you need to figure out, which Ad types are performing best on which pages, and then you can diversified easily.

      Every page has their hot spots, so it makes all the sense to put best CPC ads on these hot spots.

      Diversification means deploying CPM based, Affiliates, CPC, CPA, Text Link ads on a website. Though for sites with low traffic CPC are the best bets, but if you are in one of those niches and know how get to right channels many a times advertisers are not shy to buy 15$ or more CPM ads on your site.

      By Ankit on Jul 11, 2007

    3. I’ve found the same thing: google always seems to pay the best. The biggest trap people seem to fall into is thinking that more ads will equal more revenue, but, as you said, there is a point at which that is no longer true. At some point it becomes distracting and even offensive to readers.

      If you’re interested, and I think you might be, there’s a completely free blogging conference coming up in Las Vegas in November. It’s called PostieCon and basically the pro bloggers are going to share with the rest of us how to best monetize our blogs, and hopefully quit our day jobs.

      By Taylor on Jul 11, 2007

    4. Good to see you posting again Darren, sometimes time off is needed!

      I have found that different income sources work best on different types of blogs.

      I use Adsense, Chitika, Text Link Ads, Value Click and Kontera.

      So far this month:

      Adsense = 44%
      Chitika = 26%
      VC = 16%
      TLA= 10%
      Kontera= 6%

      If I only used Adsense, I would only have less than 50% of my total income.

      Some of my blogs I use ONLY adsense and Chitika, on anothers I only use VC, Kontera and TLA. It very much depends on the subject of the blog.

      By Ma2T on Jul 17, 2007

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