Blogging Dead Or Dying According To The A-Team

July 9, 2007 – 8:33 am

by Darren

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Okay, here’s the plot. I decided to take a much needed rest from the internet to catch up on som real world duties and to clear my head of the inevitable clogged up thoughts that occur from 16 straight months of blogging. I return to check on the “meme” spreading these days in the “blogosphere” and I see a genuine turn for the morose from the so-called leaders of the movement.

Mr T

“I pity those A-Lister Fools”

Now the “A-Listers” (hahahahaha) or Blogging Rockstars (ROTFLMAO) are concerned for the general welfare of the non-A-list bloggers (losers like me) who have allegedly had their traffic slashed in recent months. And the most amazing part to me is that these so-called professionals don’t even understand what exactly has happened to them and their traffic. As far as I’m concerned, they can stick their unsolicited opinions about the welfare of bloggers straight up their sanctimonious asses. Imagine the gall of anyone speaking for “all bloggers” and the whole industry. Considering the huge mass of blogs currently online, the mere act is one of utmost presumption.

A-List bloggers don’t use the Scientific Method when they announce their theories

Let’s take a look at why I feel some bloggers might have seen declining traffic numbers. IMHO, there’s really only one factor that has to be considered when you look at your traffic. As sad as the fact may be, Google is the main source of almost everyone’s traffic on the internet. And why would bloggers see a decline in their numbers? Let me offer a simple theory.

1) Blogs developed some extra “Google juice” when they were known for offering fresh original content
2) Google weighted backlinks from blogs very high in their algo
3) Marketers, recognizing an exploitable opportunity, approached bloggers about purchasing links
4) The linking became very opaque, much of it designed to bypass Google’s filters
5) Google, noticing a decline in their beloved SERPs based on “paid posting” mentalities lowered the backlink weighting to something more closely approximating reality
6) The traffic dried up a bit, as it does during all corrections
7) The anamoly now decidedly dried up, A-Listers and others throw their hands up in amazement at how quickly their cottage industry contracted

In other words, the bloggers are doing this to themselves. By following trends and allowing “more dominant personalities” to sway their emotions every day as if they’re soul-less marionettes will be the downfall of any bloggers. For bloggers like me, who think for themselves, I’d like to report that blogging is nowhere as dead as the horse and buggy. In fact, the future is just as rosy for this medium as it is for many others. In fact, bloggers are still well-situated as compared to their off-line media counterparts.

In short, don’t believe everything you hear. And, if you have a theory, please experiment with it and test the results before shouting from the roof-tops about the inevitable demise of an industry upon which you actually exert very little influence.

So…how is your blog doing? (And don’t forget, if you have noticed a decline in traffic in the last few months, it could be explained in one word: SUMMER!)

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    1. 2 Responses to “Blogging Dead Or Dying According To The A-Team”

    2. Far from being dead or approaching death I think blogging is just beginning. It’s just that the mindset is changing. This also teaches us that for your long-term blogging plans don’t depend merely on Google for your traffic. Build your own network of trusted links and devise newer ways of generating traffic: social media websites, for instance.

      – Amrit

      By Content Blog on Jul 10, 2007

    3. Well .. I’ve noticed a decline in traffic in my group of sites - all because of summer .. because the AUTHOR (me) is also enjoying summer and not working as much on the blogs as much as on the offline work and the suntan

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jul 10, 2007

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