So, Are You Turning In “Paid Links” To Google?

June 14, 2007 – 7:41 am

by Darren

Google has been on a remarkable tangent lately concerning a form of advertising that they don’t like. The type of ad is a “Text Link Ad” that is very familiar to almost all bloggers. Google now has a reporting tool inside of “Webmaster Central” where you can turn in your competition for “selling links.”

Personally, I won’t be “turning in” anyone. For one, I learned to never be a snitch as a child, and I still follow that code. Secondly, it’s Google’s billion dollar algo that needs to be fixed. Third, how in the hell are bloggers guilty of doing something bad by selling ads on their content web pages? They aren’t.

As far as I’m concerned, Google has went way to far with this latest initiative and kiss my ass on the whole subject. When “nofollow” was introduced it was to stop comment spam (which never worked) and now it’s to identify “paid advertising”. As if something is wrong with being paid for a text link ad on your website!

This is an outrage! Every day I pull a bit more Google code from my websites and am happy to do so. If I were forced to quit selling text link advertising I would go out of business.

What are your thoughts on this extremely important issue?

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  2. NO.

    The less we depend on Google, the closer we get to financial independance. The closer we get to Google, the more we live in fear losing our income.

    Google is boldface and out of place.

    Getting paid for what you write and links existed long before Google. It was called Freelancing and still is.

    Reality check Google, freelancing is bigger and more profitable than you are.

    By Anti Big Brother on Jun 15, 2007

  3. Dear every body,
    It is nice to be with google. I really like the service of google. I really happy in search of any words and my requirements. The service of the google even extended for the raod and searching for the stolen vehicles any where in the world. Its really great.

    By Govindarajan on Jun 28, 2007

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