Increasing Any Blog’s Revenue

June 5, 2007 – 6:33 am

by Darren

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Okay, you like money, don’t you? I know most of you do, or you wouldn’t be reading. And one of the key ways to make money online in 2007 is to create a blog, and squeeze the living shit out of it for every drop of revenue you can find. That takes a plan.

Mercernary Blogging For Money Principles

Here’s what I call adopting the “Mercenary Blogger Mindset”. Your blog is a useless dog, existing only to serve you. If your blog is not performing as you expect, then it’s up to you to slap it across the face, dress it up in heels, and put it back out on the streets where it can make you some money. Let’s look at some principles of using the “Mercenary Blogger Mindset”

Seven Principles To Increase Blog Revenue

1) A blog is a marketing and revenue generation tool. It is not an instrument to stroke the diseased and defenseless egos of life’s losers. No! It’s a way to make money. Don’t bog down with bullshit. If you find yourself getting excited about imaginary benchmarks; “I didn’t make any money this week but I did add 3 feed readers!”, then snap out of it. It’s the dollars you want. Tell your mortgage lender about your links in lieu of payment, and see what he says.

2) In any keyword niche there are only a few winners and a huge pack of losers. If you don’t separate from the pack, you’re one of the losers almost by default. This is especially true if you’re in a crowded field with an undifferentiated product.

3) Marketing matters. Blogs have to be marketed, just like any other business or website, so you need a cohesive strategy. Lots of bloggers touch on the subject, but don’t give it the importance it deserves. For you to have any chance of success earning revenue, you’ll need to market your blog heavily.

4) Don’t follow the crowd. The most ludicrous thing that happens on the internet is how readily people are willing to copy from each other. It’s not worth it. Whenever the “crowd” gets involved, the smart money is already leaving. You need to innovate to have any chance, even if your innovation is as simple as adopting a particular writing style. If people remember your work, your job is easier. They’ll remember you if you’re unique.

5) Know your visitors and your market. This is something I’ve been guilty of way too much. You need to analyze your visitors and try to understand why they’re actually at your website. Too many webmasters complain about their revenue being low, but fail to understand that their traffic has to be targeted. Lots of Google searches are informational in nature, and won’t yield a large profit for anyone, so you need other plans for monetization.

6) Don’t be lazy about monetization. There’s no reason to run just one ad program on your website. If you’re only using Google Adsense, you’re wasting tons of opportunities to make real cash. In fact, Adsense revenue can be augmented by at least 40% by any webmaster by adding Text Link Ads and Kontera. Quit being lazy and start working the monetization. Test everything.

7) Never give up. It’s easy to get frustrated, especially with making money online. It’s an unstable business, nothing at all like a 9 to 5. If you want to work full time at this business, you’ll need to a thick skin and not be sensitive about fluctuations. They’re unavoidable.

I guarantee you that an experienced blogger could take your blog and make 25% more money with it today, just by using these common principles.

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    1. 2 Responses to “Increasing Any Blog’s Revenue”

    2. re: 6) .. I’ve added that Amazon contextual links on a few sites (Kontera requires 250,000 page views a month) and I don’t think I’ve earned more than $5 from that in 2007. I wonder at times if those type of links are obtrusive and I might remove them on my next template upgrade design.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jun 5, 2007

    3. Great post, I always love your honesty Darren, I hate many other blogs which, well tbh talk a load of crap.

      All I care about is page views and earnings. Increase page views = increase earnings.

      Like I said in a previous comment, I have 5 different income streams from about 12 blogs. Google adsense amounts to 40% of my income.

      One of my blogs also earns about 50% of my income. This is also the one blog I spend 70% of my time on.

      Keep increasing the earnings Darren :). In the last year I have 10x my blog income. If I can just 2x what I get now I will be one very happy man.

      Best advice I have learn’t this year. Add more incomes! fine out what works best on which blog.

      By Ma2T on Jun 6, 2007

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