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June 1, 2007 – 8:33 am

by Darren

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I hate to say it, but I’ve pretty much lost my enthusiasm for Adsense on most blogs. The Adsense program is entering late phase maturity IMHO and almost every keyword category is saturated. This means the easy days of “set it and forget it Javascript insertion might be over. I’ve been experimenting more and more with every monetization option I can, and the sad truth is, most aren’t good bets for most types of blogs.

If you run an information blog, you can’t guarantee that anyone will buy a product. It’s that simple. It’s not the job of a blogger who makes an informational post to actually sell products for other companies. And if the company you send traffic to has an unsatisfactory landing page, no one gets converted. For this reason alone I grow weary of sending traffic away. Hardly any of it is converted, apparently through Adsense or other programs.

Blog traffic tends to be transient. Outside of your loyal readers, most people are just “passing through” blogs. This should make them more likely to click on an Ad, but it doesn’t mean they’ll buy.

I’m sure there are blogs that are up in Adsense, but I’m guessing many subjects and blogs are down right now because of saturation.

What have you noticed about your Adsense earnings?

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    1. 6 Responses to “Google Adsense On Blogs”

    2. I wish I could remember if it was RAJ who referred me here (or someone else or just a random link I found in my bloglines) … This Post on Digital Point Forums had an interesting tip inside under the “Beating Adsense Smart Pricing” section. There is a file/list you can test and insert into your “Competitive Ad Filter” setting in your Adsense - I have been testing it out.

      Honestly .. most of my adsense is from the Pet blogs, which is quite low anyway .. but - I have seen an increase in result on the Pet domains .. but, I’ve also seen a decrease on at least one of the health domain (cancer) . Overall - it’s about the same level as before without any ad filters added. I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference unless I looked closely.

      I’d be interested in hearing how that worked out for other people in difference adsense situations.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jun 1, 2007

    3. Up, up, up for me. I keep trying to move away from Adsense, but find myself unable to, because the checks keep getting drastically bigger every month. As much as I worry about my dependency on the program, it’s hard to argue with money.

      By Leroy Brown on Jun 1, 2007

    4. I suppose it depends on the subject matter of the blog. My blog takes a look at new home and garden products (not reviews, just pictures and descriptions), and here and there I will feature items found on amazon (a site I’m an affiliate for), and more people than you might think click through and end up buying the product I’ve written about. I suspect the same must be true for people who click the Adsense ads and visit the linked site. So I think blogs can convert, and advertisers will continue to use Adwords and allow them to run on blogs.

      As for my personal earnings with Adsense, it’s not the most lucrative niche I’m sure, but I make 4 figures a month on a couple of posts a day.

      By Home Improvement Ideas on Jun 2, 2007

    5. Hi Darren. FYI I commented on this one :) but in moderation still.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jun 4, 2007

    6. Thanks D :)

      @Home Improvement Ideas .. you have a nice blog and I added it to my Bloglines. 4 figures, eh? Good for you!

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Jun 5, 2007

    7. On my blog network I have added more type of income, now google only counts for about 45% of my earnings. The other 4 incomes now earn me mroe than 2x what I was with just google alone. I am never looking back.

      Of course, different ones work best with different types of blogs.

      By Ma2T on Jun 6, 2007

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