Blogging Experiment: Increasing PageViews

May 24, 2007 – 4:40 pm

by Darren

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The latest thing I’ve been working on is yet another obvious way to increase earnings. If you can get your current visitors to visit more pages on each visit, your page view count will rise with no extra effort from you. If you sell CPM ads, this will be an immediate increase in pay. Even if you live mainly from PPC, you can still expect the people to click more often, because ad relevancy tends to improve as people traverse a click-path your website.

I’ve been attempting to push up page views in the last few weeks, and I’ve had success with these techniques:

1) Relating images to posts
2) Relating posts with other internal posts based on Tags
3) Relating posts with other related posts found through BlogSearch
4) Linking to related archives posts from fresh posts - easy to get another view or two from select visitors

The result has been impressive. Giving people an option that directly relates to the search query they arrive looking for seems to be a way to get at least 33% of the people to click two more times and visit 2 more pages. This should raise my PageView count by at least 25%.

I plan on playing around more with some of these ideas in the next few weeks, but so far the results have been impressive.

What do you do to increase page views?

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