Just How Dominant Is Google?

May 8, 2007 – 11:37 am

by Darren

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We all know dominant Google is, but I decided to look at the issue in even a little greater detail. I tracked the search queries people entered to get to Absolutely Fa-Bulo.us from Friday until today. I wrote a custom PHP script to track the referrers, and to parse the query string, and insert all of the data into a database. This script was included, so it ran on all pages of the

What I found out what just how staggering the Google domination is. I tracked in total 7784 total referrers. Of these 7784 people who entered a query string to get to the website, 7569 came from a Google domain. I included all Google .tlds. That’s right, 7569/7784, or 97.237% of all visitors with query strings (this would include anyone who came from any search engine) came from Google.

You can love Google. You can hate Google. But you will go broke underestimating the importance of Google traffic for your blog.

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    1. 2 Responses to “Just How Dominant Is Google?”

    2. Thats what worries me majority of my visitors come from google one change with Google and you can be screwed for a month.

      My main problem is soon they will be dictating how websites are run as they have the most control over the internet.

      By Mike Markie on May 8, 2007

    3. Google is a monster, and you have to stay on it’s good side, way over 85% of my traffic comes from them, and when I seed a bad shift in the rankings, my earnings drop to about 20% of what it was.

      By Ma2T on May 22, 2007

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