Front-Running For Blogging Success

May 7, 2007 – 5:26 pm

by Darren

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If you have more than one blog to manage, you have some hard decisions to make. The toughest one of all, is what to devote your time to. If one blog is clearly outperforming another, it gives you a few options. You can figure “I’ll put more work in the one that’s lagging, and maybe it will start succeeding.” Screw that! That loser blog is a loser because it was born a loser and will die a loser. You can get back it to later, if at all.

Cut your losses and let your winners run

Now you might be surprised by this advice. Well, I’m not advising you to forget the blog altogether. But let’s cut the crap: if there’s a website that has a hard time being monetized, there may be a structural reason for it. If you don’t figure out and fix whatever that defect is, sheer determination won’t be enough to overcome it.

So, don’t forget your little loser blog, but put REAL effort into your best blog. At any point in time, it should be pretty self-evident what your best blog is. Identify it, and work it like a maniac. Because a great deal of blogging has to do with momentum. If you don’t have any momentum, it’s nearly impossible to motivate yourself enough to work.

Reasons to devote your time to your winning blogs

  • This is the one area where you’re assured of getting the highest return for you efforts. You already know there’s a demand
  • You’ll stay motivated because of your continued success.
  • Your devoted concentration on the blog will tend to make it grow. You have heard of Quantum mechanics, haven’t you? The more your intentions become clear through actions, the more success manifests

If you have a stable of blogs, and only one thoroughbred, you need to make sure you star filly gets all of the attention.

Do you manage multiple blogs? Is one superior to the rest?

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    1. One Response to “Front-Running For Blogging Success”

    2. I definitely has one that does better than the others and that is where I put most of my time. About every few months I do a little push with the others to see if they can start to gain some momentum.

      By Mike on May 8, 2007

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