Blogging Nothing But Work?

May 2, 2007 – 4:12 pm

by Darren

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Damn, blogging is a lot of work. I really mean it. I don’t mean it’s hard work in the sense of backbreaking labor, because it isn’t that. Instead, it’s the type of long-term work that can mentally fatigue you almost completely. Blogging takes forever, because you literally never “get done” with the job. So how can you do the job forever without going nuts?

I think it’s best to look at your tasks as a discipline to be executed. It’s no different than doing repetitions in some exercise to build certain muscles. In order to be successful blogging, you must command a vast resource comprised of well-written articles and incoming links. This will only happen if you post high-quality content for a long period of time. Bullshitters can’t be successful blogging, at least not in the long run, because readership determines most of your ultimate success or failure.

Blogging may be the worst get rich quick scheme going

If you thought of blogging “to get rich” you’ll need to re-examine your goals. Blogging is more of a long term process to capitalize on a unique skill set, and it probably won’t leave most of its’ practioner’s rich. But once you carve out a revenue stream, the only limit to your income is your ambition. People do get rich blogging. Some do it quickly, while others take years. But the main key to truly be successful is to allow blogging to attract riches in all areas of your life.

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    1. 2 Responses to “Blogging Nothing But Work?”

    2. haha.. “Blogging may be the worst get rich quick scheme going”…

      How true! Actually I feel blogs are wonderful marketing tools to support a small business, its a pity too many get started, thinking it is a get rich quick scheme. Its been six months since I have started blogging professionally and the calls and enquiries for workshops are just starting to come in. Blogging is definitely a long term strategy. :)

      By Kian Ann on May 4, 2007

    3. Heh…Kian Ann has it right. My take on blogging is that it’s a wonderful networking tool, marketing tool, and even lead generation tool.

      For the most part, it’s not a wonderful broadcast medium the kind of medium where you can sell advertising to make money based on the viewer/listener/readership.

      Unless you have a stable of good, interesting writers in your blog. Me? I’m just not good enough to compete with the blog networks or A listers…so I don’t bother.

      By Brad Grier on May 7, 2007

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