The Blogging For Dollars Craze Rolls On

April 30, 2007 – 4:13 pm

by Darren

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Despite doomful predictions, there are still a number of people out there banging away at their keyboards in the hopes of earning serious cash from their blogs. Why wouldn’t they be? Blogs are great sources of recurring revenue, and they beat digging a ditch with a shovel, so it’s not surprising that people will give it a legit shot before they give up on their dreams.

If you’ve been blogging for dollars for a year or more, you’ve probably already made a number of changes to your game plan. Adsense is clearly not as lucrative as it once was, so most of us have had to create multiple diverse revenue streams to stay alive. And one lesson that most of should have learned by now is just how much damn work blogging really is. When you consider that not only is it a ton of work, but it’s also something that has to be done consitently for a long period of time to reap any rewards, you can understand that not everyone will succeed.

But the trend towards blogs is not slowing down, because they represent a low-cost and effective method of communication. Running a blog is so much cheaper than an offline business, that you can expect to make a profit on much lower revenues than an offline business. And there are no shortage of sponsor who are more than willing to buy links or pay for advertising on nearly every blog. With a combination of text link sales, inlined advertising, and Adsense, 2007 can shape up to be a great year for any committed blogger.

The money is out there. You just have to wake up, work, and get some.

How is your 2007 going so far? And I do mean YOU!

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    2. What blogging represents for me in 2007…

      It’s long term advertising in front of my target market. It increases web site traffic and exposure to word of mouth buzz initiators.

      By Marcel on May 4, 2007

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