Tipping Point For Blog Traffic

April 26, 2007 – 4:27 pm

by Darren

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I’ve often wondered if there’s some sort of “tipping point” when it comes to traffic generation to you blog. It seems to me that as I hit the 1,000 post blog on Absolutely.Fa-bulo.us, the traffic really seems to have kicked into high gear. With 1,000 posts, you now have 1,000 different ways for visitors and robots to get to your content.

As the traffic ratchets up, the amount of revenue goes up accordingly. The site is around 8 months old, so there’s no “one year effect” going on, so that could only attribute the traffic to the sheer amount of posts, and the fact that they’re on a popular subject.

Have you ever seen a blog “take off”?

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    1. 5 Responses to “Tipping Point For Blog Traffic”

    2. Well .. I have never seen one of my own blogs take off :(


      I don’t make much revenue on my blogs .. but I’m on a slow down due to offline obligations. Since last Friday .. my traffic dropped about 15% and my adsense earnings are up 85% - go figure. Also, subscribers are up 12% but, that could be a 20%-20% difference every day anyway, and I haven’t noticed it until a few moments ago. Hopefully, traffic won’t come to a standstill before I get a chance to get back at it.

      How do you take it to the next level? Your related post links showed 25000 after month 4 - now, that’s a blog that took off. But - from week 4 to week 8 .. is 34000 from 25000 really a ‘takeoff’?

      Anyway .. keep it going up! Good Luck.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Apr 26, 2007

    3. sorry - not week 4 to week 8 .. i meant “from month 4 to month 8 …”

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Apr 26, 2007

    4. The revenue really took off. We’re talking about an actual 8,000% increase this month.

      At the same time, all the other blogs on the network died a miserable death in April. Go figure!

      By Darren McLaughlin on Apr 27, 2007

    5. That’s amazing Darren .. Keep up the good work! Andif I remember my Grade 5 Math .. lessee … if 100% is 1 .. then 8,000% is 80 factor? Holy crap! I mean .. Sweeeeeeeeet :D

      I had an opportunity to do something with my curling blog, but I ended up being too busy and couldn’t spend the time myself. I went through training 2 writers (people I know locally) that never panned out and keeps me gun shy about full-blown advertising out in the blogosphere. Now - my seasonal window is closed and will have to gear for next season instead.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Apr 27, 2007

    6. The 80 times effect didn’t last long, but it was fun :)

      By Darren on Apr 30, 2007

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