The More You Shoot, The More You Score

April 13, 2007 – 12:45 pm

by Darren

I was watching Paul Wall on “Get Money TV” on YouTube yesterday, and it dawned on me just how much wisdom this guy really has ;) Paul Wall was talking about dating, and he said that just like in basketball, the more you shoot, the more you score. I couldn’t help but think this advice is particularily appropriate for bloggers, as well.

You can’t make money blogging without a decent archive. The fact is both simple and unavoidable. If you don’t have any cyber real estate (html), you won’t bring people to your website. Without people, there can be no revenue. So when all is said and done, you need to post to earn. The more you post, the more you earn. The more you shoot, the more you score.

Will all your posts be golden? Probably not. But the point is you make enough of them to survive and move to the next level of testing. If you keep going, eventually you’ll find the type of audience you need. It’s almost inevitable. But all blogging success starts with the humble post.

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