Sticking To A Schedule Or Being Spontaneous

April 9, 2007 – 1:22 pm

by Darren

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When you decide on how you want post in your blog, you can either wing it, or try and stick to some sort of highly regimented schedule. Or your efforts might fall somewhere in between. But you already know that you have to establish consistency in your posting, so how can you decide with what frequency you’ll post?

It’s probably best to allow the marketplace to decide how often you need to post. If you overdo it, and you don’t get a great response, you might run out of enthusiasm before you achieve any success. If you post too infrequently, you may not even gain enough traction to attract readership. So you have to trust that the correct ratio becomes obvious, and you have to be tuned in enough to your log files to decide when to pick it up or lay back.

Your posting schedule probably won’t need to be written in stone. Lately I’ve been upping the number of posts I’ve been doing. I’m trying to find a decent balance between my efforts and the amount of traffic that comes in. I’m finding that updating a lot almost always guarantees more traffic than a lower post count, so I’ve settled in to hammering hard. That could change as conditions do.

How have you decided on a posting schedule? Does it change from week to week?

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