Why Do I Blog?

April 6, 2007 – 1:35 pm

by Darren

That’s the question asked by intrepid and exalted Singaporean blogger Tan Kian Ann in his post Why do I blog?

I’m tempted to answer with the simple truth: for the money, but that answer is not the one I’ll make for two reasons.

1) It sounds so damn bad when you write it down
2) It’s no longer completely the truth

If you review my posts, you’ll see I’ve always maintained a mercenary and nearly soulless approach to the industry. If I didn’t think there was money in blogging, I would probably not sit around sharing my thoughts with the world. I understand the merits of keeping a journal, but if I actually practiced the discipline of journalizing my thoughts, I’d probably keep them private.

That said, after blogging for dollars for over one year now, I’ll have to add a few more elements to my experience. I also find blogging to actually be “fun” most days, and I’m happy that I have some sort of “voice” in a world where normally I’m a nearly anonymous participant. It’s an ego booster to have anyone read your words, especially people who do so consistently.

For that reason, give me a hug. Thanks for being a part of my day!

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  2. Hi Darren.

    You are right about the fun part, especially if this fun activity also brings in the money. Whereas most of the “regular” bloggers blog to earn money — directly or indirectly — there are a few who blog just for the amount of interaction and debate it generates. It’s a great learning experience too.

    By Amrit Hallan on Apr 6, 2007

  3. Hey Darren,

    *Hugs* Thanks Darren. :) While making money from blog is tougher today, I think the fun and the social networking pays off for the effort, isn’t it?

    By Kian Ann on Apr 6, 2007

  4. Your “simple truth” is a powerful one .. I seem to have more fun commenting than writing actually :P

    However - I often find myself asking THIS QUESTION instead of Kian’s question

    Why DIDN’T I Blog about it?

    How many times, as a blogger, do you recognize a story, or something that is worth writing about - and then for no real reason, just decide to pass on the story. Then, in the next few days there are a gabillion amount of posts and thoughts about that very same topic.

    I think to look back to some of your previous posts, it’s when I am at a slowdown or I’ve been lacking in posting frequency ‘looking’ for stories to write - it kind of makes me wonder how I got that lazy to miss something like that? Then - like other consulting jobs I do - when you ultimately have to get a job done or make the deadline .. (or come up with new blogposts before another month slides by) … the adrenalin kicks in - and that’s when your best work usually comes.

    By HART (1-800-HART) on Apr 7, 2007

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