Malaysian Bloggers Join Forces In Union

April 6, 2007 – 6:12 pm

by Darren

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It what seems like an inevitable move, Malaysian bloggers have joined together in a new alliance. The bloggers are joining forces because of bad treatment they’ve been receiving from their government. As the saying goes, “there’s strength in numbers”.

About 50 of Malaysia’s popular online personalities held a meeting and decided to start the organization because a few bloggers were being “demonized again and again” by the government, Ahirudin said.

“When certain quarters in government become hostile towards bloggers, I believe they mean to aim their hostility at a small group of bloggers or online writers whose views and takes of current affairs they fear,” Ahirudin wrote.

How well the organization will work remains to be seen. I think this is probably a great step in a place where blogger’s rights might get trampled on.

What do you think of the idea of blogger’s unions?

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