If Things Get Slow, Hustle Up Some Posts

April 6, 2007 – 1:24 pm

by Darren

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If your traffic begins tanking on any of your blogs, there’s a strategy that can you save you. It’s the same strategy that you use when someone yells “run for your lives!” You don’t stand around questioning life. Instead, you get your ass in gear and do something.

If your blog’s traffic plummets, common sense tells you it’s your fault!

If you aren’t getting enough traffic to your blog, then the only person you can safely blame is yourself. I’m not saying that Google isn’t important, or any other source of traffic, but ultimately, in the final analysis, it’s as simple as blaming yourself. You can change your fate. With a blog, it’s relatively easy. If your traffic has declined, the first honest answer you need is to the question: “Have I fallen off in my production?” Chances are you have. If that’s the case, then the remedy is as easy as taking an aspirin to cure a headache.

Don’t complicate blogging: it all starts with the post.

Posts are like bricks. You build your entire web business one post at a time if you’re blogger. The more bricks you use, the stronger your businesses is to the winds of change and the vagaries of business fortune. The more bricks you use, the stronger your foundation is for ultimate success.

If you’ve been slacking off in your blogging lately, I implore you, you naughty, nasty person, to get out there and post! Don’t hesistate and don’t question yourself. Just post.

How hard have you been hustling lately?

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