Blogging - How To Recover From A Slow Start

March 27, 2007 – 1:40 pm

by Darren

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Blogs are out there: some are being worked on daily, others only sporadically, and some are what I like to refer to as “unmanned space stations”. Regardless of what condition a blog is in, I’m pretty sure that traffic can be increased and revenues improved. Now there are exceptions to this rule, and the individual blogger will have to decide if it truly is time to dump a loser or not, but generally any website can get more traffic, and that alone should be enough to help the blog succeed.

There are two basic ways to improve any blog in terms of readership and revenues:

1) Get new people who don’t currently read the blog to read it
2) Get people who do read to visit more often and read even more

These are the two primary tasks that always matter and can help re-activate a dormant blog. Once your blog has been dead for awhile, the primary way to get things moving again is to post often and stay on topic. This rule doesn’t really change no matter what happens.

A penalized website (or one that’s being filtered) might take a bit more work and appear unrecoverable, but it even seems that by taking enough steps you can regain traffic. The biggest problem is keeping your morale high as your traffic sags.

Have you ever managed to recover from a slow start with a blog? How did you do it?

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    1. 4 Responses to “Blogging - How To Recover From A Slow Start”

    2. I am quite cognitive of the two aspects of readers for my blogs .. When traffic dies down, or my feedburner chicklet counter slowly dwindles down to just a few subscribers .. I beef up the postings to maybe 3-6 posts per day for a steady period - maybe a month of preposting of Ezine articles .. to work on the “encyclopedic content” of my blog and get some search engine traffic referrals. I’ve also been trying to post once a week or every two weeks “random Links from my Bloglines” (as I call it). Stuff you wouldn’t want to bother to write about, but interesting enough to either pass a long a link to the reader for their perusal, or to similar blogs in the same niche/topics as yours to get a trackback on their site (without going overboard). Also, having a lot of blogs - although I tend to leave the 1-800-HART blog as the URL for my comments, sometimes I will just randomize my blogs and put a different blog URL while I am commenting (like I did for this entry only - but, note: I just linked to a parked domain for now - it won’t be live until next month)

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Mar 27, 2007

    3. Also: we talked about this before I think .. even beefing things up you have to ask why? If it were to double my adsense earnings from $0.10 to $0.20 then, the extra effort just isn’t enough to warrant going crazy - so, maybe the 3-6 posts a day may not be worthwhile. However, it’s all part of the HART-Empire so to speak - and, I think there is value in having archives and growing so I might just post 1 article a day to get a little content and pre-post instead of a month, say for 3 months in advance on a slow Sunday.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Mar 27, 2007

    4. The two main things that seem to help me when I hit a downward trend due to inactivity is to start commenting on other blogs and linking to them. It helps announce to everybody that I am still alive and writing.

      By Mike on Mar 27, 2007

    5. Darren,

      My way to recover from a slow start (or a slump) is just post and act as if the slump hadn’t happened :P
      Well, we all have slump time.

      By Kian Ann on Apr 2, 2007

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