Blogs As Social Networks

March 19, 2007 – 11:09 am

by Darren

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I’ve been noticing lately that more blogs and blog networks are attempting to turn themselves into social networks. I’m not sure if I understand the reasoning. Blogs and social networks both do very separate things, and maybe there’s no real advantage to blending them. I think the goal of increased usability for the end users is laudable, but I’m not sure how many people need the features.

A lot of blog traffic is transient. This isn’t a bad thing for the simple fact that the easiest traffic to monetize is transient. Repeat visitors tend to yield less per visit than “freshies” from search engines or the “social internet”. A combination of both seems to yield excellent results. Certain niches lend themselves more to community than others, and for these blogs the added features might make a lot of sense.

Personally I’m not compelled to worry about. I personally like the “drive-by” nature of comments in blogs. If you add too many community style features you end up becoming a forum, which in a sense is a d-evolution of blogging. Whats the happy balance? I can’t say for sure but I haven’t seen it.

Do you register for blogs? Do you like additional community features on blogs?

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    2. I do not register for any blogs and I don’t leave comments on any blogger blog where the owner has it set up to only allow blogger users to comment.

      As for the move to social networks, that’s where all the hype is heading right now so everybody with their round blog is going to try and stuff it into a square social network.

      By Mike on Mar 19, 2007

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