Things To Tell A New Professional Blogger

March 13, 2007 – 12:34 pm

by Darren

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More and more people are blogging for bucks. Every day new people come online and seek to earn major money by giving their opinions in blogs. Some are successful. Others not so. What can we tell a new blogger who is looking to cash in on new media?

1) Blogging takes time. You don’t get an audience overnight, and you won’t make big money until you have a huge following or search engine presence. In most cases, this won’t happen fast.

2) Blogging takes dedication. The blogosphere is much too mature these days for you to expect that a slip-shod blog can make any inroads. There are plenty of good blogs out there right now. If you’re new, you have to contend with them.

3) Blogging is oversaturated. That’s right. You won’t just end up with competition in one or two fields, you’ll end up battling 100s of blogs in any segment. Blogging is not a secret these days. Everybody and there cousin is on the game.

4) Ignore advice from the “A-List” bloggers and figure out how it works by yourself. You can get some good advice from reading the “most-read” blogs, but not much of it. You’re better off spending your time cutting your teeth on blogging, instead of trying to follow gameplans that are being played by people who invented them.

5) Dare to be different. It’s always easiest to follow trends, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best plan. Try something truly unique. God knows most blogs are duplicates.

6) Set a schedule for posting and follow it. At least a rough schedule should be followed. Something along the lines of 2 posts daily 5 times per week. If you don’t set any goals at all, you’ll probably fall short of doing the necessary effort to succeed.

7) Success in blogging is how you define it. You don’t have to have the approval of others to be a successful blogger. If you blog for money, the revenue you earn month will give you some idea of your worth, and visitor comments will give you more of a clue. If you’re doing a good job, people will let you know, and your paycheck will grow.

There’s so much to learn with blogging, you should never expect to master the craft. People are working hard every day and making very good money on their blogs, so there’s no doubt there’s room for many new participants in this global phenomena.

What tips would like to give a new professional blogger?

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