Multiple Revenue Streams For Blogs

March 6, 2007 – 4:22 pm

by Darren

Now more than ever it’s time to diversify your blog’s income as best as you can. Google Adsense is hardly the program it used to be, and in most cases won’t provide a blog with nearly enough income. The old saying “never put all your eggs in one basket” has always been good advice to follow, and now it’s almost completely imperative for the average blogger.

Which revenue streams pay best?

Contextual advertising is no longer the only game in town. In many cases, contextual advertising may not even be the best bet for your blog. A lot will depend on the type of content you have, and the type of audience. In any event, make sure you at least have as many different revenue streams as you can.

A few obvious choices:

  • Kontera - In Text Ads
  • Text Link Ads - Links

If nothing else, the additional revenue will get you paid on different dates in a month (which is always a good thing). The key is to keep experimenting, because nothing is carved in stone. If one program starts to slow down, be ruthless and take down the code. Give newcomers a shot at your business.

I fully expect to see many new methods of monetization released in the coming months. Google Adsense is no longer new or exciting, and perhaps some better technology might make for higher revenues.

What monetization streams do you use now? What would you like to see in the future?

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    1. 7 Responses to “Multiple Revenue Streams For Blogs”

    2. How’s that Kontera doing for you? As a reader, in some ways .. I kind of find that annoying .. I mean it’s picking words such as “blogging” .. “business” .. etc .. Hovering over these words I saw no ad that seemed interesting enough to follow up on.

      I am in agreement that it’s nice to get paid on different dates. If only Google adsense would pay direct to my Paypal account though, instead of direct deposit. They pay on what, the 23rd? TLA on the 1st, Linkworth on 10th .. Now, if I can only get these numbers up - it will be nice to get something every 10 days or so.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Mar 6, 2007

    3. Hey Darren,

      Somehow even though I know of the different ad providers and so many stories about Google not paying out as much as before, I still stick to Google… and I don’t know why!

      Perhaps with this nudge from you today, I will go find another ad provider to see how it works out. :)

      By Kian Ann on Mar 7, 2007

    4. I honestly say: “Give the Kontera a chance”. You might be presently surprised.

      I agree the ads are “minorly annoying”, but at least that’s MINORLY :)

      By Darren on Mar 7, 2007

    5. Great thoughts, Darren. This stuff is what I am swimming in right now as I try to find more advertisers for our network and hopefully streamline things so it’s all more targeted. Text links and sponsored reviews are working very well for us right now. IntelliTXT is one inline text ad alternative and MIVA is another.

      By Easton Ellsworth on Mar 7, 2007

    6. Yes, the IntelliTXT should work good, but they might have a minimum level of page views to get in. I’m not sure.

      But the nice thing about in-text ads is that they run in conjunction with Adsense, so essentially you’re just banking extra loot. The same goes for text links (and paid reviews).

      By Darren McLaughlin on Mar 7, 2007

    7. I can agree with Darren here for sure. Adsense is not what it used to be. Even in the high(er) priced keywords such a tech ads, they often don’t pay well. It is annoying how I get a few clicks from 1-3$ but most are between 1-10 cents or something now.
      I find different things work better on different sites, TLA work well on my busy site with a PR of 6. I can charge over $80 per link/month. x10 is good. Ofcourse a lesser site won’t get so much with TLA.
      Kontera is doing okay for me, about on par with adsense, so thats okay, if you conbine all three, it ads uo nicely.
      Also, like inteliTxt, kontera has a min of 500,000 impressions a month.

      By Matt on Mar 8, 2007

    8. For more than 4 years I receive some money to pay for my hosting through Google AdSense.

      Never realize that there are quite a lot of good affiliate out there that probably fitnicely into my site.

      Thanks for sharing this information.

      Best regards,

      By MainSpot on Mar 18, 2007

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