MyBlogLog Got Rid Of All The Spam

March 2, 2007 – 2:09 pm

by Darren

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And ever since then I noticed almost no “Heads” in my Sidebar. Man, where all of the people who comprised MyBlogLog spammers? They might have been, because I noticed one pattern from many of the visitors that is common for bots. Most of them would hit the main page only and not read any threads.

So far I haven’t found the MyBlogLog to be incredibly useful. I like the interface and it seems to have a relatively decent user base, but the toolset doesn’t seem that conducive to social networking. I’ll keeping playing around with it, because I would hate to “miss the boat”.

What are your impressions of the MyBlogLog service so far?

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    1. 4 Responses to “MyBlogLog Got Rid Of All The Spam”

    2. The whole idea has never interested me at all. I don’t care what my visitors look like lol. After reading about all the spam and “how to surf as anyone” put me off. I would only be interested in the ways it could benefit my sites tbh.

      By Matt on Mar 2, 2007

    3. I’m getting much better traffic and doubly-so - sites that I can add to my Bloglines, for sources … than MySpace. They have a problem by limiting you to join only 15 communities per day. I’ve been arguing this point whenever I can, been in touch with them back and forth via email and still no change or relaxation of this ugly and useless rule. Their reasons or stance is that people like me who join communities and look at other members’ sites are spammers. If they keep up with that way of thinking, their society won’t last.

      By HART (1-800-HART) on Mar 2, 2007

    4. HART, so would you recommend mybloglog as a way of increasing traffic to your blog / blogs?. I am temped in trying it on one of my blogs.

      By Matt on Mar 3, 2007

    5. Give it a shot. See how it performs. The traffic does look a bit snappier than MySpace, but nothing too immense.

      By Darren on Mar 6, 2007

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