Defensive Adsense Optimization Tip

February 27, 2007 – 3:09 pm

by Darren

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If your Google Adsense earnings have tanked on a website where the traffic hasn’t really gone down, consider this: there are too many ad units, and not enough demand. This is not a good situation for most publishers, because nobody is competing for ads on you website. This case of oversupply might be corrected at some point, but if you don’t feel like sitting around, do something about.

Lower the number of Google Ad units to One per page. This should help “soak up” the oversupply and at least create a higher per click amount. Whether it affects your overall CPM or not positively will probably depend on other factors, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ve been able to do this to positive affect on several websites, so I figured I’d mention it. Also, join up and start running Kontera if you haven’t already. Their program is a nice source of additional revenue for almost anyone.

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    1. 5 Responses to “Defensive Adsense Optimization Tip”

    2. I have experienced similar on some of my blogs. For some sites I get about 350 clicks per day, but penuts for the click value, it has dropped down to a stupid amount. IF I was in USA, I would like to try yahoo or msn ads, google is starting to piss me off.

      Interesting how you mention kontera, as I signed up with them last week. Its nice how you get your own personal account manager to tweak the ads.

      I would also recommend using text link ads, on one of my blogs im charging $80 per link per month and I have sold all 10 links in just over a week. (You need a good PR for this to be worth good month though)

      By Matt on Feb 27, 2007

    3. Yeah, the TLA is a no-brainer. So is the Kontera.

      3 simultaneous ways to earn money on a blog:

      1) Adsense Unit
      2) Kontera
      3) TLA

      Any exprience with AdBrite?

      By Darren on Feb 27, 2007

    4. Yeah I gave and give AdBrite a go on my busiest blog. I was suprised that someone snapped up an ad pretty quickly with in a few days for $90 for the month. If no one buys one the “network ads” are okayish, not great value for he clicks.
      If you sell them, just as good as TLA I guess.

      By Matt on Feb 27, 2007

    5. With regards to your opinion of reducing the ads at a certain webpage, What will be the best size for it and bes location as well?

      By Rexted on Feb 28, 2007

    6. IMHO, the best place for a single unit is always directly above the content.

      But this depends on a lot of factors, so there really isn’t one right answer. Experiment with it because it’s one big way to increase your money.

      I like the 336×280 ad quite a bit. If you have image ads on, you’ll get a nice selection of ads generally, including video ads.

      By Darren on Feb 28, 2007

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